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V.L.T. Burger


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Why choose our pea protein burgers? Because the vegetable alternative produces 90% less greenhouse gases, it uses 93% less land, 99% less water and 46% less energy, compared to beef burgers.

Weight: 330 g

Ingredients: Meatball "Verdino Cheese": water, 18% vegetable alternative to cheese (water, coconut oil, starch, modified starch *, natural flavors, iodized salt, dye: carotene), 13.6% protein texture from wheat (wheat gluten, wheat starch), sunflower vegetable oil, coconut oil, 2.3% bean protein, 1.5% pea protein, stabilizer (methylcellulose), salt, glucose syrup, flavors , spices (onion, garlic, pepper), antioxidant (ascorbic acid, citric acid), vegetable extracts with coloring role (concentrated beet juice, modified barley extract), spice extracts, * modified starch comes from non-genetically modified crops ; tomatoes; pickles in brine; assorted salad, valerian; tomato sauce with basil; mustard sauce (sunflower seeds, rice milk, lemon juice, oil, mustard seeds, spices); yellow bun