Delivery Information

Delivery schedule

Delivery of ordered products is made in the following intervals:

Monday-Friday: 10.00 - 20.30
Saturday: 11.00 - 20.30
Sunday: 11.00 - 19.30

Orders placed outside of business hours will be delivered starting with the next delivery time.

The value of the minimum order is 70 lei .

Transportation cost

The cost of transport is differentiated into two areas depending on the distance of the delivery address:

Delivery Bucharest - Shipping cost 1 4.99 lei

Delivery Ilfov - Shipping cost 19.99 lei

The following shipping charges are charged for subscription orders:

Transport Cost Weekly Subscription (5 deliveries) - 35 lei

Transport Cost Subscription 2 Weeks (10 deliveries) - 70 lei

Transport Cost 3 Week Subscription (15 deliveries) - 105 lei

Cost of Transport 4 Week Subscription (20 deliveries) - 140 lei

Safety comes first for us, so every day we make sure that all our operations are carried out in the best conditions of hygiene.