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Address: Str. Covaci, nr 11, Centrul Vechi, Bucharest

E-mail: hello@funkinkburgers.ro comenzi@funkinkburgers.ro

Phone: +40750899606

Who we are / Who puts "funk" in FunKink Burgers

We give the plants our trust and then we put "funk" in FunKink Burgers. / We put our trust in plants and then we put "funk" in FunKink Burgers.

We do this for a purpose. We do this with a mission, to show how easy, delicious and cool it is to change the way we eat, to protect our planet, our health and our animals - all with every bite.

It's not just food, it's a change. Funkink is about you, it's about the experience and the journey to discover new tastes, new information about your health, about the environment and about the solutions we have at hand.

You don't have to be alone on this journey. We were not, we still are not. We collaborate with an NGO, the Romanian Vegans Association, whose mission is to promote a vegan lifestyle and reduce the consumption of animal products for ethical, economic reasons, to protect health and the environment. We are glad that we are together in this project, because we all know that what we eat makes a difference, a big #funkink difference.